Klaviyo Integration: v1/v2 APIs being depreciated on June 30th!

Hi. We are seeing Daasity listed as using the legacy Klaviyo APIs in our usage reports. We are using the v2 Klaviyo integration.

The v1/v2 endpoints are set to be depreciated on June 30th. API versioning and deprecation policy

What do we need to do to update our account to use the new Klaviyo endpoints?

Hi @Dheeraj_Dasari !

Your Klaviyo V2 integration will be using the latest and greatest Klaviyo API and will not be shut down on June 30th.

If you have your legacy Klaviyo integration running, it will still be hitting the v1/v2 endpoints.

As long as you have your Klaviyo V2 integration up and running, you can deactivate the legacy integration and you will continue to have data past the 6/30 cutoff.

I hope that helps.