ShipBob Integration

What is it?

Growth & Enterprise merchants can now integrate their ShipBob account with Daasity so that merchants can get actual shipping costs as part of their COGs without having to rely on using average shipping costs from the BSD.

As of right now the integration only populates shipping costs in users’ reporting. Other data is loaded into merchants’ databases that can be used for custom analysis/reporting.

If a merchant is using the ShipBob integration, all of the shipping costs and margin calculations they see in their reporting will reflect the actual shipping cost (assuming they have loaded history).

Why did we create this?

Shopify by default does not include costs of shipments; so this important part of their revenue/cost structure is missing from our Shopify extracted data.

Until now, one of the only ways for ShipBob users to get shipping costs populated and incorporated into margin calculations was to input an average shipping cost into their BSD. This is helpful, but not ideal. With the new integration, they can now get the actual costs of those shipments in their reporting.


ShipBob Extractor Documentation

How to get it

Growth — All merchants are able to get the integration, and transformation into reports will happen automatically
Enterprise — Email or reach out to your Merchant Strategist.

Other important things to know

  • The only data we are exposing in reporting from ShipBob is in shipping costs, which then flow into margin calculations. These show up in the standard shipping costs and margin measures. There is other raw data we’re getting, as documented here, but we don’t have plans to use it in standard reports at this time.