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Hey Daasity team,

I am looking into using the Amazon (FBA) inventory scripts. When I search the codebase, I see scripts referencing amazon_seller_central.get_fba_myi_unsuppressed_inventory_data, however the documentation suggests the table is AMAZON_SELLER_CENTRAL.GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA

Documentation link:

Could you please help with determining which is the source table and the difference between them?

Hey @Jake_Cepela!

GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA (FBA Amazon Fulfilled Inventory Report) & GET_FBA_MYI_UNSUPPRESSED_INVENTORY_DATA (FBA Manage Inventory Report) are both reports that we pull from Amazon with information about your brand’s inventory in the Amazon Fulfillment Network, and they contain overlapping information.

Out of the two, GET_FBA_MYI_UNSUPRESSED_INVENTORY_DATA has more detailed information, so that is the report that we use in our base transformation code.

We don’t have anything in our base code that uses the GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA report data.

Does that context help? Is there a specific part of the documentation that suggests that GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA is used in our base code?

That makes sense. Comparing the notes in the documentation link I assumed that GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA would be the primary source for inventory, so I was curious why it wasn’t being used.

Thanks for the explanation!

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