Average Time Between Purchase of One Product to Another

Is there a way to see how long it takes a customer to go from purchasing one specific SKU to purchasing another specific SKU?

For example, we’d love to see how long it takes a customer who first purchases our Crib Mattress (an entry level product) to purchasing our Twin Mattress.

Hi Abigail - For a solid starting point - Use the “Product Affinity” Explore. Filtering by Primary Product Name and Secondary Product Name and the "Days Between Orders (Tiers)

You can also use the “Average Days Between Orders” measure

NOTE: this is for First order to Second Order - so if a merchant purchased something in between the Crib and the twin mattress it would Not count in this particular report.

This is awesome! Thank you so much for your detailed response.

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there is a “1st to any order” affinity filter as well. Also, You have to “Explore From Here” from the Product Affinity reports in the Product Dashboard to get to the Product Affinity Explore.