How to create a table in Snowflake

We’re working on Daasity’s shared Snowflake. It seems we don’t have permissions to create a schema and table directly. How do we go about doing this?

If you’re on the shared Daasity Snowflake, you cannot create a new schema/table directly from the snowflake console.

But you can do the following to create a schema/table:

  1. Create a SQL script in your merchant github repo that will create the schema/table
  2. Create a script manifest file that includes your custom SQL script
  3. Create a workflow that will run that script manifest file
  4. Run the workflow

Get a detailed walkthrough of the process in this article.

If you want the table to be created/rebuilt/modified daily, you could instead add the custom SQL script to your daily_incremental.yml file, which will run every night with your nightly workflow.

We hope that helps.