Switching to a Monday-start retail calendar

Some businesses want to use the NRF 4-5-4 calendar, but with weeks starting on a Monday rather than on a Sunday.

If you’re one of these businesses and are an Enterprise user, you can make an update in your custom code repository that will use a specialized calendar script that uses a Monday start date for the week.

Here’s how you would do that:

Step 1:
Assuming you already have access to your custom SQL code repository, navigate to it in GitHub.

Step 2:
Open the daily_incremental.yml file in edit mode.

Step 3:
Find the following script reference in the file:

Step 4:
Replace it with the following script reference, making sure not to change any spacing or indentation:

Step 5:
Commit the change to the master branch, and you’re done.

The next time your daily workflow runs, all of the retail-calendar-based dimensions will reflect the Monday start date.